Casting Services

Depending in our customers requirements in goal mixture from 9k to 18k and platinum metal. Using our casting machine, we can cast all kinds of designs as we as properly melt to attain the metal percentage accuracy.

Filling Services

Our fillers are more than capable of removing unwanted marks and blemishes even the hardest tasks, reaching smallest nooks and crannies or highly complex pieces from the mounting after casting.

Sizing Service

We can re-size ring and bangle diameter as well as increase or reduce bracelet and necklace length for as long as it will not alter or change its design upon your request before we ship your purchased jewelry to your address.

Setting Service

Applicable only to our diamond mounting designs. Upon your request we can set to your jewelry your choice of diamond or gem stone color and quality before we ship your purchased jewelry to your address.

Stone Cutting Services

Not only the standard stones shape and sizes we can provide. We also cater unique stone cutting process to create special stones cut for some intricate design jewelries.

Engraving Service

Engraving a special date, a name or a message depending on the space available to your precious jewelry will bring good memories to remember to the wearer. We offer you our engraving services before we ship your purchased jewelry to your address.

Finishing Services

We also offer jewellery polishing, gold plating, rhodium, black and pen rhodium as well as matte finishing and multi-color enamel to fully become a one stop service to everyone.

Repairing Services

We offer jewelry cleaning and polishing for surface scratches removal as well as gold soldering and stone re-setting. Preserving the beauty and shine of your jewelry can only be done by handling it properly with care and storing it to its rightful places if not in use. Once your jewelry is been damage we recommend you to stop wearing it until its fully fixed and by sending us its picture or video, we can analyse, send you quotation and advice you what we must do.