Customize your Jewelry

A fantastic service for customizing jewelry designs! We provide a convenient way for our customers to have their jewelry transformed or personalized to cater everyone own tastes and preferences. Our customers can submit videos and photos of their jewelry pieces for analysis and our team will provide a response.

Repair your Jewelry

Its our pleasure to serve all our customer by offering repair services for broken jewelries, providing customers with solutions to restore or replace their damage pieces. Our team will thoroughly assesses the condition of the broken jewelry based on the video submissions to analyze and evaluate the extent of damage and repair options available.

Re-size your Jewelry

We offer resizing services for rings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces to provide customers with the flexibility to customize their jewelry for a perfect fit. We demonstrate a commitment to our customer satisfaction and ensure that customers receive pieces that are not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear.

Re-setting your Jewelry

Customer can select the center diamond and gemstone color and quality for a specific designs to add a layer of personalization and exclusivity to the jewelry we offer. This service is to cater to our customers who seek unique and tailored pieces for us to evaluate their overall shopping experience to our platform.

Engrave your Jewelry

Engraving can indeed add a personal touch and sentimental value to a piece of jewelry. Engraving a special date, name, a love one or message to a significant event, allow the wearer to customize their item in a meaningful way making it unique and special. It can turn a piece of jewelry into a cherished keepsake that holds emotional value beyond its aesthetic appeal.

Re-polish your Jewelry

We offer a range of jewelry finishing services such as polishing, gold plating, rhodium plating, black and pen rhodium plating, matte finishing and multi-color enamel. It enhance our e-commerce platform’s appeal to the experience of our customers giving them the opportunity to maintain their jewelry to their liking, ensuring that they will receive pieces that are not only beautiful but also well- crafted and personalized.

Deliver your Jewelry

We assist individuals by serving and catering to our customers globally. We deliver all their package door to door. We extend our reach not only through the services we provide and the courier partners we collaborate with but also via our reliable network of distributor agents located worldwide.

Distribute Jewelry via our Agents

Expanding our business through distributor agents worldwide is one of our strategic move to reach more customers globally. We also offer our customer the opportunity to become distributors to foster stronger relationship who wanted to share and earn with all our jewelry products. By becoming one of our agent, customers will emphasis these benefits such as having the better access to exclusive products, better pricing and the chance to represent our brand. We encourage our customers to reach us out to learn more and for us to know your willingness to be engage to our community.