We provide a convenient way for our customers to customize and have their jewelry transformed or personalized to cater everyone own tastes and preferences. Either for personal use or a gift to a special someone and for business purposes. Our customers can submit videos and photos of their jewelry pieces for analysis and our team will provide a response. Whether its a ring or earring or bracelet or necklace, for any special occasions or celebrations such as New Year, Valentine’s, Kid’s, April Fool’s, Mother’s, Father’s, Independence, Labor and Thanks Giving Days, or during Vacation Season, Halloween, and Christmas or during Engagement, Wedding, or in any Anniversaries, Birthday, Graduation, Retirement and Accomplishment Gifts. It is our responsibility to treasure and safeguard all these experiences through our exquisite jewelry pieces.

Here are some charts you can look at as your guide for customizing your design and it might help you in your requirements.

Diamond Carat

Diamond Color

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Cut

Gem Stone

Gem Stone Shapes

Setting Type