``Your narrative, our motivation``

Palaces fashion starts to upgrade from silver to diamond sets in gold jewelries while aiming to maintain affordable prices. This move not only promises enhanced value for our customers but also the potential for increased earnings for our distributor agents.

Natural Sapphire


Natural Emerald


Natural Ruby

Market Demand

We conducted thorough market research to understand the demand for diamond jewelry to our target market. Identifying the preferences of our customers and ensure that the shift aligns with their tastes and budget constraints.

Supplier Selection

We only choose reliable suppliers for our diamond, gemstones and gold materials. We establish strong relationship with them to help us secure better prices and ensure that the consistency of quality jewelries are properly maintained.

Quality Assurance

We manufacture our product to our factory for us to have direct oversight and control over the entire production process. This allow us to implement stringent quality control measures at every stage of manufacturing, from sourcing materials to the final product inspection.

Flexibility, Cost Efficiency, Speed

Since we manufacture in-house, it gives us the flexibility to customize our jewelry designs and production process according to our specific requirements which in result lead us to a unique jewelry designs cost efficiency and manufacturing speed apart in our competitor in the market.